Due to circumstances I still do not fully understand, when I upgraded my Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 my external hard drive decided it was no longer compatible. The little pop up appeared when I tried to access the files that basically told me I needed to format (in other words, delete everything) the drive.

Obviously I do not want to do that. There are a lot of important files stored in that external drive; files that I want to keep; files I NEED.

They are precious to me. Like a child. Actually, some of the files on there are stories I’ve written and pictures I’ve saved OF my child, so in essence the files ARE a precious child to me. A child that I desperately want to extract from its mother/external hard drive.

So I downloaded a data recovery program to help me extract these files, because clearly there is no other way to get them off the drive and no way of accessing them any other way (that I can think of, or that won’t take a lot more time and effort than I’m able to put in).

In other words, I cannot wait around for the problem to resolve itself or to plug the drive into someone else’s computer and see if I can’t get the files that way.

I needed to “induce” the system into extracting those files.

So I started this program, and things are taking longer than the software instructions would have me believe. I suspect this is because I have a lot of files stored there and the bigger the file, the more time it might take to extract everything. And the computer had to warm up to the program as well, which also took about an hour before I saw progress at 1% processing.

A few hours after that, it was at 5%. By midnight it was at 10%. When I woke up this morning at 7am, the progression had slowed considerably and my computer had only processed about 13% of the data.

It is now lunchtime. I can see that progress IS being made. You want to know how much? 22%.


After almost 24 hours since I started the computer version of Pitocin, we are only at 22% completion.

All I can say is that if this computer was a woman in labor, she would have had a cesarean by now.

But BECAUSE this is a machine, my only option is to wait. I cannot cut the data out of the external hard drive. If I stop this process to use the computer, I lose all the progress I’ve made and I will have to either wait until I can actually get to someone else’s computer to extract the files (which would be the easier thing to do as if the external works in their drive then it is actually “ready” to “deliver” those files), or I can try to start the whole file extraction process all over again. It might go a little faster (at least to 22%, or it might take the exact same number of hours it’s taking now). But because I’m working with a machine and not a human being, I can’t really control this process any more than I already have.

If I abandon the process now, or attempt to turn off the computer, I risk losing the computer AND the files. I have to be patient and watch this progress, slow as it is. And it is SLOW.

But the computer and the files are doing fine. There is no emergency. And besides, this program isn’t like Pitocin; I can’t increase the dosage to speed up the results. Also, what might happen if I COULD speed things up? Would all the data be there? Or would there be things missing; valuable files that on the surface might not look like they do anything, but are integral to the actual videos, music and documents working properly?

I personally wouldn’t want to risk that, because all the data is precious as I said, and the computer is a very important entity in of itself. It is the mother of all the data I collect and create, and without it my external drive is pretty much useless. Even if I collected and retrieved that data on another computer, if I can’t put it back onto this one to have it accessible then it does me no good.

So in the interest of protecting both my computer AND the hard drive data, I am waiting patiently for the file recovery to go through its process; as slow as it may be.

The computer, for the most part, goes through periods of resting, where it seems like it is off (it’s in sleep mode) and progress slows down a lot, but it doesn’t completely stop. In this time I am not able to use the computer; I need to let it do its thing of recovering the files, and I need to do it at its own pace.

The computer’s hardware and software knows what it’s doing. I have to trust in this fact.

If only we trusted women the way we trust our machines.