Okay, so I’m probably going to piss off even more people with this post, but considering that they are the ones who get offended over everything, I really don’t care. 

In fact, I hope that they get super riled up enough to never ever go on the internet or interact with normal human beings ever again.
That’s right, trolls, I’m talking to YOU!
Yeah, I see you at your computer, reading this with your fingers already itching to type something nasty in response. And I’m telling you to go ahead and do that. 
Go ahead and get offended at what someone else says about home birth or breastfeeding. Go ahead and shout your slurs of “selfish” and “spoiled brat”. Go ahead and tell me I’m going to hell for my views on women being free to make their own choices. Go ahead and say “not all men” and “not all doctors” or whatever the “not all” is that is currently being discussed in topics such as violence and abuse against women. Go ahead and tell us how you would “never put YOUR baby at risk” when faced with something you don’t agree with, such as a woman’s right to protest against an unwanted and unnecessary c-section. Go ahead and spread your poison all you want. 
Because then we all get to roll our eyes and see how stupid you are. 
We all get to see that you are ignorant and not worth our time and energy to respond to.
The more we indulge you, the more we tell you just how wrong you are, the more you keep talking (or typing). And the more that happens, the more slanderous and ridiculous you look.
There are reasons mods block your comments. It’s not to censor you for the sake of misinforming their readers. It’s because your comments are SO stupid and hate-filled that we just really get tired of seeing them on our screens. 
See, in the real world, if you said half the stuff you say online, people would walk away from you. People would simply not interact with you or engage you in conversations of which you might become obnoxious. But online we are sadly unable to escape the sad reality that idiots like you exist. And that’s so very depressing to us, because the idiots seem to have the loudest voice. It’s akin to shouting in a meeting, my dears. Yes, you’re being heard, but while we hear you, we still think you’re an idiot. In fact, the more you shout the more we tune out. And after you’ve left the meeting? You bet your ass we’re going to be rolling our eyes and ridiculing you.
But online you have a voice that’s even louder, which you must feel makes you more special, but really it just shows the layers of crazy. Give an idiot a microphone and they’ll blather on until everyone has left the room, but give them a computer and they’ll blather on long after everyone has gone away.
And give them access to the comments section of a blog or other social media and they will flock like it’s a freaking crazy person convention. Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but seriously guys, there’s a limit. For one thing, you can say you disagree with someone and cite your reasoning behind it. If your argument has some valid, intelligent, thought-out points, then you might still be “wrong” to some people, but at least you have solid reasoning. You are likely NOT an idiot. 
For example, someone writes a blog post or article or comment about something you disagree with or find “flawed”. The appropriate responses of mature, intelligent people are as follows:
1) Answer the question posed in the article/blog/poll with the intention of voicing your personal view on the matter in a constructive and informative way, so that the asker of the question can gain a REAL perspective on a topic they may have wished to hear both sides from. Your intention for providing this information is NOT to sway others to your view of thinking, but to show other people who may already have these views or have not thought about the topic one way or the other to realize that they also are free to make their own decisions and decide what is right for them. For example: “I have to disagree with your opinion on X for the following reasons, (list them). However this is just what works for me and/or my family, and I respect that others may feel these options do not work well for themselves or their situations.”
2) Do nothing. In other words, if you read something of which you know you disagree strongly and could not say anything nice, you simply say NOTHING and move on. 
I know, it’s hard to do that when emotion is involved. Believe me, seeing your hateful comments among the intelligent ones in blog posts and discussions always makes my blood boil. I have a hundred scathing remarks just begging to be typed out and sent, but I refrain. I know that anything I say is going to go over your head or encourage you to keep being an asshole. In a battle of wits it is unwise to go against an unarmed opponent, simply because one would be wasting their time. So nine times out of ten, I remind myself not to feed trolls and move on.
The other times I have to step in if only to defend the person who is being wrongly attacked. Normally this is a friend or someone I admire who is being slandered, or else it is a person who is writing of something deeply traumatizing and hurtful that was said or done to her, and the troll is trying to “blame the victim” for it. This is especially prevalent in the Improving Birth articles and photos, and it is NEVER okay. First of all, it’s great that YOU trust your doctor or had a good birth, but the victim’s trauma is REAL and it is NOT okay. I don’t care if you feel there is “more to the story” or if you “would never take that risk” or if you feel she was “wrong” to want what she didn’t get. It doesn’t matter because that person is not YOU. They don’t have the same experiences, needs, or feelings that you have. Maybe they have legitimate reasons for why they want or don’t want something, and maybe you think those aren’t “valid” reasons. Maybe you feel that they’re judging you for making a different choice, that they themselves feel is wrong for them. Guess what? They aren’t telling their story or stating their opinion just to make you feel uncomfortable. They are sharing their experiences so that other people (the sane, mature ones) will know that these things happen and be AWARE of it. So that if THEY don’t want it happening to them, they know they have a voice. They don’t have to be bullied. Or their choices are just as valid as someone else’s, and most importantly, their right to make.
But I’m sure you’ve already tuned out and started writing a slanderous, hate-filled reply about how I’m “censoring” you, and nothing I’ve said has sunk in at all.
That’s okay, dear trolls of the internet. I look forward to seeing your replies in my moderated comments queue where I will read, roll my eyes, and then promptly delete them all. But thank you for calling me selfish, spoiled, immature, a brat, or any other number of things. Your opinion of me REALLY matters more than anything my real friends and family have said. ;p