I know that I bitch about my hubby a lot, but if you think for one second that I would ever want anyone better, you would be wrong.

I LOVE this man with every fiber of my being; body and soul. 

Yes, we fight sometimes. We often get into arguments over things we are passionate about and it is a HUGE job just to come to a solution when we are on opposing sides. But when it’s good, OH it’s sooooo good.

I will spare you the details of when it’s not good, because I’ve written enough posts on that. Time for the positives.

The man can cook! He is an amazingly talented chef in the kitchen and dinner is never dull. He always manages to find the right blend of seasonings and spices, adds “secret” ingredients on a whim, and every time he has a culinary masterpiece. 

He knows how to laugh! There is not one other person who shares my twisted sense of humor the way he does. In fact, when I find something particularly hysterical (and maybe even a little bit mean) he is the one I just HAVE TO text or call immediately during the day to share it with. This goes double when it involves someone we know, because come on, we ALL are petty and have a laugh at the expense of others some of the time; particularly when that person isn’t very nice to us. Like the stuff I think up about a particular person who shall go unnamed, but whom I have said before is PURE EVIL. I can’t really share those humorous thoughts with my family members (because they are either too close to the situation or feel I should make an effort to be nice to this succubus) and my friends have been fortunate enough not to meet her and therefore wouldn’t get the joke. But my hubby gets it, and he approves, and we have a pretty good laugh over it.

He is playful. When he’s in a great mood he is fun-loving and silly. He’s like a little boy, I swear. We get into tickle fights, water fights, pillow fights, you name it. It’s totally immature, I know, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. 

He challenges me to be better. His personal mantra with anything is that he can do anything. If I ask him if he’s ever fixed whatever he’s about to fix before, he shrugs and says “can’t be that hard” and does it. And he does it WELL! Oh my god, the man is just unstoppable, and being that I have always doubted myself and my abilities, he has been SO good for me. His response when I say I can’t do something is that I need to try first before I can fail. And wouldn’t you know, he’s usually right; I CAN do it.

He keeps me from being isolated, even when I think I might prefer to be. My husband is an extrovert and I’m and introvert. This is a lot of where our conflict stems from, because being around people is exhausting to me. I feel that thirteen people at a party is too many and he feels that thirteen people isn’t a party. But I have to admit that if he was an introvert we would never go anywhere or meet anyone, ever. So having him drag me to events or invite people over when I would rather curl up with a good book, while irritating at times, is a good thing. And I normally end up having a good time and I have great conversations with people and then my social meter is filled up for a good long while. Now we’re just working on finding that balance between filling up my social meter and burning me out 😉

He is a good father. Our son is super lucky that his daddy rushes home to play with him whenever he can. I LOVE watching the two of them; the smiles on their faces and the light in their eyes. I love being the silent observer as they explore the dirt and the plants outside in our garden or when they’re at the water park or playground. He is tender and loving and always willing to share in all aspects of our son’s life. I couldn’t ask for a better co-parent.

He is a good lover. I will spare the details here because my Nana might be reading 😉 but yeah, there are no complaints in that department.

I always feel safe in his arms. In fact, I think that instead of venting my frustrations that build up over the week from trying to keep my spirited toddler from doing stupid things that could injure him, I might just snuggle up to my hubby. Because even though he can be infuriating and somewhat irresponsible at times, to hear my friends tell it he is just a typical MAN and I’ve still got a pretty damn good one.

Besides, I love him fiercely and no matter what our problems may be, I’m going to fight damn hard to keep him. ❤